compassion givers


    Welcome to Community Share Ministries, we would would love for you to partner with us as we better serve our community. Jesus said that we will have the poor and less fortunate with us always. God has called and birth Community Share Ministries, to assist in eradicating poverty. It isn't enough to simply provide food and clothing to people during difficult times, but is essential to tackle all of the core issues impacting families.


    The Compassion Givers program allows you to be a blessing to those in need as well as an opportunity for you to shop in our Compassion Givers Store, with a Compassion Givers Card or Vouchers.


    How the program works is you give a donation monthly, we give you a Compassion Givers Card and Vouchers, the goal is for you to give out your vouchers to those in need, who will be able to come to the Compassion Givers Store and redeem for their necessary supplies.


    All Donations from the Compassion Givers Program will go toward building the Safe Haven Ranch, Northwest Georgia's first foster care community. A 47-acre parcel of land was donated to the ministry and will be the future site of the Safe Haven Ranch, thus furthering the dedication to fostering children in a Christian environment.


    Listed below are the different way you can support by sponsoring/donating on a monthly basis:


    Compassion Givers is a monthly program that allows you to choose which level of giving is best for you. With each level, you will find opportunities that Community Share will give back to you, as well as give you opportunities to pay it forward.

    When you donate to the Compassion Giver Program, you are giving much more than money- you are gifting compassion, kindness, grace, and hope. You are making a difference in someone's life and making a change in our community. For that, we thank you.



    COMPASSION GIVER: you give $30/month, you receive 30 points voucher/month

    HEART GIVER: you give $50/month, you receive 50 points voucher/month

    KINDNESS GIVER: you give $100/month, you receive 100 points voucher/month

    GRACE GIVER: you give $250/month, you receive 250 points voucher/month

    MERCY GIVER: you give $500/month, you receive 500 points voucher/month

    DIFFERENCE-MAKER: you give $1,000/month, you receive 1000 points voucher/month, 2 days per year to invite employees from your organization to shop at the warehouse to spend 1,000 points combined.

    CHANGE-MAKER: you give $2,500/month, you receive 2,500 points voucher/month, you receive a logo on key Community Share communication, a Compassion Partner membership to give to a local non-profit of your choice, and a day once a quarter to invite employees from your organization to shop the warehouse to spend 2,500 points combined.