In 2011, Jason Slaughter, founder of Community Share Ministries, was called to give up his career as the owner and operator of Verizon Stores in Polk County, GA and step out in faith to found Community Share Ministries. He left his Verizon stores in March and started a thrift store to help fund the men, women, and children's homes he hoped to one day have. He had a ten year plan to get the thrift store and all the homes up and running, but God had a 36 month plan. Soon after he began the thrift store, homeless men began showing up and he couldn't bear to turn them away. With the help of the city government, he purchased a seven-bedroom home in Polk County for $76 to house the men. Women began showing up soon after, and the W. D. Tripp foundation gave Community Share $65,000 to buy a house for the women in Polk County. The Tripp Foundation also gave Community Share money to buy the warehouse which houses the Crazy Mart and the Cedartown Thrift Store. God has provided for the ministry since the start, and He continues to sustain it daily.


    Andy and Lindsey Holderread, two local foster parents, currently run the children's home and foster two children along with their four biological children. Community Share hopes to expand the children's ministry by building Safe Haven Ranch, a 40-acre neighborhood of foster families. Although Community Share has obtained the property to build the ranch, more fundraising is required before building the ranch.


    Click here to donate to Safe Haven Ranch, and click here to hear Jason share the story of how God has provided for the startup and sustaining of CSM.