• What We Do!


    Meeting the Need: Housing

    We own and operate a men, women, and children's home, all of which are currently located in Cedartown, GA. These shelters provide our residents with a safe place to stay and opportunities for spiritual growth, reintegration into the workforce, jobs while in the home at the local warehouse and thrift store, tutoring programs for children, and other support. We are dedicated to providing a safe place for men, women, and children to get back on their feet. Over 600 men and women have been through the homes since the inception of Community Share.


    Meeting the Need: Clothing and Food

    Through partnerships across the country, Community Share brings LOADS of merchandise from retailers to our local 33,000 foot warehouse weekly for the benefit of those in need and other non-profit organizations. The warehouse stores the merchandise and provides additional opportunities for our Compassion Givers to access these items. The operation of two thrift stores in Cedartown and Rome, GA (see locations here) allows the local community to have access to these items for a minimal donation, or in some cases for free. In addition, over 23,000 pounds of food per month is given out from the thrift store locations.
    Our Crazy Mart is located to the right next to our Cedartown warehouse and offers a variety of brand new items for six prices: $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, and $20. The profits from the Crazy Mart help pay for the costs of running the ministry.


    Meeting the Needs of MORE

    In order to further the mission of Community Share, our vision is to acquire warehouses in surrounding communities, expand homes to surrounding communities, build a Mission House which will allow for volunteer groups from around the country to come and help us, and build the Safe Haven Ranch, Northwest Georgia's first foster care community. A 47-acre parcel of land in Polk County was donated to the ministry and will be the future site of the Safe Haven Ranch, thus furthering the dedication to fostering children in a Christian environment.